Vision & Mission

Our vision

Our vision is to introduce the up to date technologies and products to all levels and sizes of homes, to help home users to know what are the new solutions and products which match their lives at variety of budgets and upgradeable.
and expandable choices. From day 1 of establishing WONY GROUP in Malaysia we have the plan to expand horizontally in more Hi-Tech countries for R&D and manufacturing, and to expand vertically in each product by having a standalone company as a group member for each product.
Having this vision from day1 is the base for collaboration with the highly qualified building industry players as well as the impatient young marketing and manufacturing entrepreneurs who have interest to join us to approach more homes to improve their lives by the latest solutions which make them more healthy and help them save more money in the home building or renovation or forever through the low running costs of electric energy consumption or water usage.

Our Mission

We are committed to meet the passion of our customer for smart , convenient living and also save thier money .
This is accomplished by focusing on the design and quality .
Our Mission is to give new option to all house owners all over the world to feel safe with WONY HOUSE QUALITY STAMP “WHQ” STAMP. This stamp is a protection option for the wise house owner for all WONY PRODUCTS AND SCEVIC E.
THE customer who may buy a lamp - for exampletoday and need to through or replace it in short time, or may change all his house lamps to save energy then after one month will pay double or triple the previous Bills, the stamp will carry the weight of replacing this lamp for the buyer who got it on his purchase bill after being audited by the Main WONY Agent in his country. as we mentioned above the lamp is just an example for any product or guaranteed service guaranteed by WONY Group.