Our services


For architectural consultant

Smart light solutions design and interior design.
Smart wiring Solution and full range automation system for house or project design
Energy solution design for new projects
Energy retrofit for existing houses or projects
Pure air solution
Pure water and clean water pipe solution


Main Consultant

For owners of new 1 family house who concern about automation, Energy saving, pure air and water and didn’t get those solutions from their main consultant.
Automation and Energy Saving oriented redesign if the project not yet under construction
B- Energy tests for projects in the stage of under construction
Changing the MEP solutions which not yet installed to more efficient solutions with high ROI
Luxury turnkey solution and competitive prices from A-Z


For the Development Companies

For the development companies or governmental housing project owners who need to improve their standard model to include smart solution and energy saving at MINIMUM or NO cost increment.
Redesign for light solutions
Redesign or addition of smart ventilation solution
Redesign of air condition solution
Redesign of air condition solution
Redesign of hot water solution
Quotation to supply all the solutions’ materials
Quotation for turnkey solution and project material


For Facility Management

For Facility Management Companies who serve management of residential or commercial projects.
Central monitoring and Management system to monitor all the systems in all projects
Energy Saving solutions for public areas if the projects owners interested


For restaurant chains

For restaurant chains, school chains, hotels chains, hospital chains who want to save Energy costs.
Load ON/OFF and dimming full automation
Hot water and air conditions, air and water quality solutions
Training on assembly of WONY products and systems
Granting assembly agencies to assemblers of WONY brand
Stamping and responsibility for 5 years warranty for buyers of
Special deals for General Contractors

Wony Group

WONY GROUP- Malaysia Smart automation for healthy air and water .