About us

We are group of companies started the first company of the group on 2010 and so far include the following companies:

WONY SDN BHD – Malaysia Is a building technologies system integrator contractor and energy saving contractors and professional facility management and system BMS, SCADA, KNX, PLC, PID, local imbedded controllers and Global cloud control apps.
WONY ENERGY SAVING CONSULTANCY- Malaysia, is a specialist energy saving solution designer for both residential and industrial projects in both scales of new projects or retrofit or old existed projects.
WONY ELEVATORS AND ESCALATOR - Malaysia contractor and supplier who fill the GAP between the very expensive brands and the low quality systems, and thanks to the existence of WONY China, WONY Elevators and Escalators used to supply the spare parts of all Global brands.
WONY ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD – China is LED Light, Smart Home Automation & home appliances manufacturer and exporter of the same items from China to overseas.
WONY Egypt to introduce and transfer the up to date technologies to building consultants and contractors and building developers and house owners , and to supply the relevant systems and materials to Egyptian entrepreneurs.

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125 people

Due to the Current Egyptian Development Governmental Plan,WONY Group is expanding towards Egypt by partnership with Egyptian Entrepreneurs of the following companies

WONY Smart Lights to Manufacture the spare parts and finished products of High quality normal and smart lights with the warranty of WONY quality of 3 and 5 years warranty as well as high controllability and nice designs to save energy and rejoice the user happiness.
WONY Smart HVAC to apply new energy saving technologies on heating and cooling and ventilation, with smart synchronization for best comfort and Energy saving through integrated or standalone system.

WONY target to expand from Egypt to more markets from Egypt Market to Africa and Europe and Middle East to create more success for the brand and he local Egyptian Partners.